Withdrawing money from your ICMarkets

The latest complete guide to withdrawing money from your ICMarkets account on Forex


Instructions for withdrawing money from ICMarkets

Deposits and withdrawals with ICMarkets are quite similar. Instead of selecting Transfer->Deposit to deposit money, now you just need to select Transfer->Withdraw funds to withdraw money.(guide to withdrawing money from your ICMarkets)

Every step, you just need to enter the information as I instructed in the deposit section.

To give you a better idea, I will give an example below:

First you select the Transfer->Withdraw item.

Next you choose the method of withdrawal.

When withdrawing money from ic markets, there are a number of notes as follows, which method will be preferred to withdraw by that method.(Read more : Day Trading for Beginners)

Instructions for withdrawing money from ICMarkets
Instructions for withdrawing money from ICMarkets

All operations here you do the same as when depositing money into the account. You just need to fill in the information and make a withdrawal.

Withdraw money from IC Markets to local ATMs (internet Banking)

Step 1: To be able to withdraw money from Internet Banking, you first need to upload a Bank Statement/Bank Account Verification containing your name and bank account number used to deposit funds. you access your account area to upload.

Step 2: Fill in your bank account information in the withdrawal details page under Vietnamese Internet Banking Details section. Please note that the bank account information you provide must match the document you have uploaded.(Read more : IC Markets)

Step 3: You make a withdrawal order under Vietnamese Internet Banking at the Withdrawal page. Once approved on the account, please wait 1 to 6 hours for the money to arrive in your bank account.

For withdrawal problems at Ic markets you can contact Live chat 24/7 or Support at email support@icmarkets.com.au

Withdrawing money from ICMarkets
Withdrawing money from ICMarkets

Withdraw Ic markets to Debit/Credit card

You can only withdraw the original deposit amount, and the winnings must be withdrawn via International Transfer. Waiting time for withdrawal via International Transfer is 3-5 working days normally. Transaction fees of banks in Vietnam range from 2-3%/transaction.

If withdrawing money late at night in Vietnam, the next morning the withdrawal order will be approved very quickly, after 2 days, the money will be available. After 8 am in Vietnam, the withdrawal order must wait for the next day to be approved. So you need to be careful!(Read more : forex investment legal)

Withdraw money from Ic markets via Wire Transfer

If the account exists more than 60 days from the date of first deposit by card, both principal and interest will be withdrawn. If the deposit amount is less than 60 days, you can only withdraw to the Debit/Credit card the amount you initially deposited (Principal Withdrawal), the remaining balance will be withdrawn via Wire Transfer.

Waiting time for money via Wire Transfer is 3-5 working days normally. Transaction fees of banks in Vietnam range from 2-3%/transaction.

Ic markets
Ic markets

Withdraw money from Ic markets via E-Wallet

Waiting time for money to e-wallet is within 24 hours from the time the exchange accepts your withdrawal request.

The transaction fee for withdrawing from wallet to bank in Vietnam ranges from 2-3%/transaction, but you should withdraw to your wallet and then sell it to those who need to buy Neteller/Skrill for fast and low fees.(Read more : ICmarkets exchange)

To withdraw money from IC Markets to your e-wallet, you need to deposit at least 1$ from your wallet into IC Markets so that the exchange has stored information before withdrawing as much as you want.In add

ition, Ic markets also has Transfer Funds function to transfer money between different accounts, even with accounts of other Brokers such as FXCM, FXPro, Forex.com… and many others, you can learn more.

So we have learned how to deposit money on Ic Markets floor as well as how to withdraw money from Icmarkets floor using many different deposit and withdrawal methods.

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