Which Forex broker's Spread fee is low

Which Forex broker’s Spread fee is low


Which forex broker has the lowest spread? Compare the spread of the brokers?

“Which forex broker spread is the lowest?” is always a question that professional traders care about. The lower the spread, the more competitive the broker and the more profitable the trader.

So, what are spreads?

Spread is the fee that forex traders pay to the exchange. Most international forex brokers do not charge traders trading commissions. So where does the floor get money to live? The answer is the spread. Instead of collecting a commission of $20 – $30/lot, the exchange turns this fee into a spread and adds it to the buying/selling price.( forex broker)

For example: Spread of EUR/USD pair is 1 pip, equivalent to you paying the broker 10 USD per trading lot.

So the lower the spread, the lower the fee you pay to the broker.

what are spreads?
what are spreads?

Is low spread a criterion for choosing a broker?

Spread is an important criterion for choosing a broker. But you also have to consider the deposit and withdrawal costs. Because if you save 5$ from the spread but have to spend 10$ more on deposit and withdrawal fees, you will still end up losing.

Another criterion to choose a forex broker is the speed of order matching. If the exchange’s order matching speed is low, you can easily slip and it also greatly affects your trading. And sometimes cost you extra transaction fees. So never trade with a broker with low order matching speed.(Read more : professional trader)

The reputation of the floor. I never trade with a new forex broker. Currently, there are a few dozen very large and reputable forex brokers, so there is no reason to choose a small trading platform.

So which floor spread is the lowest?

The list below I choose 4 brokers with the lowest spread from the top 20 of the world. Because there is a paradox of the spread, the larger the floor, the higher the spread. The brokers registered in the UK and US, the spread is always several times higher than other places. I chose in the top 20 because I think the top 20 in the world is reputable enough to trade. People have also been operating in the market for about 10 years, the volume of transactions through the floor every month is also several hundred billion USD, so it is impossible to deceive me.(Read more : stochastic tool)

  • Exness.com >> View spreads
  • FBS.com >> View spreads
  • Fxpro.com >> View spreads
  • Icmarkets.com >> View spreads
So which floor spread is the lowest?
So which floor spread is the lowest?

In the above forex brokers, the spread at Exness is the best. Normally, the spread for the EURUSD pair fluctuates steadily from 0.9 – 1 pip. The spread of gold is also only 25 pips. The second boss Hotforex exchange with EURUSD spread of 1.1 – 1.2 pips. The lowest spread of gold is only 15-20 pips. FxPro broker is very reputable in Vietnam and EURUSD spreads range from 1.5 – 2 pips.(Read more : forex investment legal)

Attention: some brokers above, in addition to the spread, you have to pay extra commission depending on the account type. For example, FBS if you choose Zero spread account, you have to pay at least 20$/lot, equivalent to 2 pips/lot depending on the currency pair.

In fact, in the 5 exchanges above you can trade any floor. But I still like IC the most. Although their spreads are not the lowest, the execution speed is very fast and extremely reputable. Followed by Fxpro, Hot forex, FBS and Pepperstone brokers.(Read more : depositing and withdrawing money)

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