IC Markets The most reputable Forex (Forex)

IC Markets The most reputable Forex (Forex) trading platform IC Markets has the lowest fees, spreads from only 0.0 pips


If you regularly update information about the forex market in Vietnam, whether you are an amateur or a professional, you must have heard the name IC Markets — a very popular long-standing ECN forex broker in Vietnam. and in the World.

Rated as one of the largest forex trading platforms in the world, IC Markets is recommended by many Vietnamese traders because of its reputation, lowest fees and spreads, and is recommended by most experts. and large financial institutions use to transact.

IC Markets is really a reputable forex broker with a long history

Established in 2007, under the company International Capital Markets Pty Ltd, up to now, IC Markets forex broker has 12 years of operation in the international forex trading market.( IC Markets

With full and strict compliance with the registration and operating regulations of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ASIC, in 2009 IC exchange received the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) as a testament to its its credibility.

The Australian Securities Commission (ASIC) will guarantee your deposit as a separate account with the Bank (Australian Westpac Bank and National Australia Bank (NAB)) and compensated by law if the exchange bankrupt.

This helps you maximize your money, avoid being used to invest in rotation like other forex brokers.

IC Markets is the true ECN that supports the most advanced cTrader platform available today

Operating on the main platform of ECN — Electronic Communication Network, IC Markets gives you direct access to the real trading market.

It means that your order will be transacted directly without going through the floor with other foreign exchange hubs such as banks, financial institutions orcorporations…

IC Markets uses the user-friendly MT4 and cTrader platforms, equipped with many features and tools that surpass many other forex brokers.You can easily download this platform for free from the IC Markets website to use on your phone (IOS, Android) with pre-installed specifications and tools.

You can also install additional EAs or add new parameters and add your own code if you want.

IC Markets is really a reputable forex broker with a long history
IC Markets is really a reputable forex broker with a long history

In addition, IC Markets also offers features such as VWAP trading, allowing traders to have access to the fullest market depth levels, minimizing the sophisticated tricks of the exchange. such as holding orders, editing orders to “pickpocket” traders.

Extremely low spreads, fast matching orders

Because it is an ECN forex broker, IC Markets’ main source of income is the Commission (commission fee), specifically 7 USD/RT (Round Turn).

The broker’s spread only ranges from 0.1 pip to 0.2 pip or free, almost the lowest in the current forex market.

Bid (buy price) / ask (ask price) at the floor are all clearly regulated by the bank, there is no spread of spread when news is announced.At the

same time, the exchange’s servers are hosted by reputable data centers in New York and London, so orders are executed very quickly.

You will not face any restrictions when trading scalping (surfing), hedging or automated trading with robots.(Read more : stochastic tool)

Deposit and withdraw money by internet banking at 24 banks in Vietnam

This is what makes IC Markets get more sympathy from the Vietnamese Trader community.

In addition, this forex broker also has many other deposit methods such as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Qiwi, FasaPay, BPAY, WebMoney and Neteller.

IC Markets also supports deposit transfer from exchange to exchange.

Vietnamese support team

Currently, IC Markets has built a dedicated support team for the Vietnamese market.

Most of the supporters are Vietnamese.

You can leave feedback, leave questions or chat or call the staff at the activity floor areas.

It can be said that among the current forex brokers in Vietnam, IC Markets is the exchange that is considered the most prestigious and popular with Vietnamese traders.

During its more than 10 years of operation, IC Markets has hardly had any notoriety.

Along with many outstanding advantages such as low cost, transparent information and advanced platform, IC Markets is a hard-to-miss address for anyone who wants to participate in making profits from the forex market.

Instructions for opening an ICmarkets account

Step 1: Visit ICmarkets homepage at https://www.icmarkets.com/en

Step 2: Fill in personal information. Here you need to enter Vietnamese without accents. After filling in, click NEXT

Step 3: Next in the Tell us about yourself table – Something about yourself.

The first is in the CHOOSE YOUR TYPE ACCOUNT section. If you are an individual investor, choose Individual, if you are an institutional investor, choose Joint. If you trade for a company, choose Corporate.

Next is the date of birth – enter the date as shown in your ID and Passport

Address: Enter the address where you are living. Note that this is the address you will verify later, this address you need to fill in the same as in your utility bill, bank statement, delivery bill, etc. Later, when verifying the address where you live, you need to take a photo. invoice or statement with the address you registered for verification.(Read more :depositing and withdrawing money)

City and State Province: enter the city or province you are living in.

Postal/Zip code: Enter the postal code where you live.

Finally, tick “I was refered by an Introduce broker” and enter “XXXX” and then click Next.

Step 4: Choose the type of platform and account type you want to trade with.

Choose the type of platform and account type you want to trade with.
Choose the type of platform and account type you want to trade with.

Choose a platform (Choose Your Trading Platform). Here ICmarkets provides 3 trading platforms which are Meta trader 4(MT4), Meta trader 5(MT5) and Ctrader. Please select the platform you want to trade on

hoose your account type (Choose Your Account Type): There are 2 types of accounts that you can choose here: True ECN and Standard Account. For ECN accounts, you will have to pay a commission for each lot you trade, in return for the lower spread between the bid and ask prices. As for Standard Account, you will not have to pay commission for each lot you trade. However, the spread will be higher.

Finally select the currency in the account (Select account base Currency): ICMarkets offers many currencies such as: USD (US dollar), GBP (British pound), JPY (Japanese yen)… Here you should choose USD , because later when you trade Forex, the main currency pairs often revolve around this currency.

Step 5: Fill in your trading experience and account recovery questions

What is your Forex experience?: If you are a beginner, choose Beginner, if you have experience, choose Intermedia, and if you are an experienced trader, choose Advance.

Account recovery questions: In the future, if you forget your password, this is a question to help you recover. Remember to fill it out, and make a note somewhere in case you forget your password later.

After filling out everything, select Accept Declaration & Submit

You have now completed the basic registration. Next step is to verify your identity and address

Instructions for account verification

To verify your account first you need to login to ICMarkets and select Profiles->Upload documents

After finding the Browse box. Here we will see 2 cells. The box on the left is the place to Upload your identity verification documents, you can upload a picture of your ID card on the front or back or your Passport for verification. The box you have to is the place where your address verification was originally posted with ICMarkets, you need to upload an invoice with the address you have registered can be utility bill, bank bill, delivery bill Lazada tiki products…(Read more : Guide to depositing from Exness forex)

Next you need to verify your bank account. Here if you deposit money into ICMarkets with VIsa card, Internet banking then you need to verify this item. If you deposit with online wallets like Skrill, Neteller, you do not need to verify this item.

After uploading all completed, you select the UPLOAD box at the bottom to complete the document upload. Usually ICMarkets will take 1-3 business days to verify your account. Verification success or failure they will send to your email. If the verification process fails, read the reason they gave in the email and re-post the correct type of document according to their request.

Instructions for depositing money into your account on ICMarkets

The issue of Deposit and Withdrawal at forex brokers is always a matter of concern for traders before starting to trade.

Depositing and withdrawing money is also one of the factors that evaluate a good and reputable forex broker.

In this article, I will guide you on how to top up Ic Markets via Internet Banking, Visa and popular e-wallets, as well as how to withdraw money from Ic Markets in the most detailed and complete way.

In the previous article, we learned about how to open a trading account at ICMarkets.

If you do not have an ICMarkets account, you can register now or see the instructions for opening an ICMarkets account

Step 1: Log in and select the deposit item

First to be able to top up your trading account at Icmarkets, you need to Login and select Depost.

If you do not have an account at Icmarkets, you can see the following tutorial: Instructions to open a forex account at Ic markets.Forex(FX) Ic markets offers a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods that make it easy and fast for traders to enter trades and withdraw their profits.

Deposit money into Ic markets by internet Banking (popular and convenient)

Fund your account at icmarkets with your visa card

Deposit money into ic markets using Neteller or Skrill e-wallets.

Deposit money from 1 forex account in another Broker to ic markets (FXCM, FXPro, Forex.com…).

Recharge from e-wallet paypal and some other methods, you can see the photo below.

Step 2: Choose a deposit method

Currently, ICMarkets supports customers to deposit using popular payment methods such as Visa/MasterCard, Visa Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill.

Especially now ICMarkets has supported to top up money from Internet Banking system of Vietnamese banks.

When you make a deposit, you need to prepare a minimum of 200 USD, when converted to Vietnamese currency it is about 4 million 800 thousand VND (Calculated at the exchange rate of 23.2 + 1.5% foreign currency conversion fee)

Instructions on how to top up IC Markets via Internet Banking

This is the most commonly used method because it is very convenient, to make a deposit on Ic market with this method we choose: Depost => Vietnam internet Banking (Fund Now using Vietnamese Internet Banking).

Note that your ATM card must be registered with the online payment function (internet Banking), if your ATM domestic bank card does not have this function, you just need to go to the bank to request it to be activated. It takes about 10 minutes for the system to activate.(Read more : review icmarkets)

I recommend that you register for this service for convenience, not only to make a deposit to this icmarkets platform, but the online shopping trend now uses payment via internet banking or visa card.

Especially If you really want to make money from the internet (make money online – MMO), that is the first thing you need with your Visa/Master card.

For this deposit method, you can enter the amount in VND, the amount you deposit will automatically convert to USD.

Back to the main topic, when you choose the method of depositing via internet banking, the system will display the following for you to fill in the information and choose.

Choose the bank you use to deposit money into ic markets (Icmarkets supports up to 24 banks in Vietnam).

Select the Account to which you need to deposit funds.

Enter the amount you want to top up VND, the system will automatically convert to USD at the exchange rate at that time.

Click Proceed to continue the recharge process, a new window will appear as below.

After you press PROCEED, a payment window will appear as follows.

You need to enter your information and payment will be made

In this step, you fill in the following information:

Address: Fill in the address of your ID card, which is the same address you used to register and verify your account at Ic markets before.

ATM card number: Enter the card number printed on the front of your ATM card

Cardholder’s name: Your full name is printed on the card (No accents)

Issue Date: The issue date is also printed on the front of your card.

Enter the security code as next, double check that the information is correct and then proceed to click “Pay”.

The system will transfer you to the internet banking payment interface, you just need to log in “user and password” of your internet banking account as usual you will receive a successful payment notification.

Instructions on how to top up IC Markets via Internet Banking
Instructions on how to top up IC Markets via Internet Banking

Instructions on how to top up IC Markets via Visa/Master card without card account verification. However, you need to register for 3D-Secure translation

Fund Now by 3D-Secure Verified by Visa / MasterCard Securecode

With this method, you can top up your account with Visa/MasterCard and don’t have to verify your card account.

However, you need to register for 3D-Secure translation to be able to deposit using this method.

If you do not register for this service, sometimes your card account will be at risk because once your card information is available, thieves can steal money in your account by entering your card information in the other payment site.

However, with 3D-Secure security service, you can be completely assured, because every time you make a transaction, there will be a confirmation OTP code message about your phone number, only when you confirm the code. When you go to the payment page, the transaction will be done.

Here when you top up with Visa/MasterCard, you need to enter a type of information as follows:

Trading Account: The trading account you will deposit money into

Gross Deposit Amount: For ICMarkets, the minimum limit for the first deposit is $200. From the next recharge, there will be no minimum limit.

Payment Methods: Enter your card number, in the picture above, I have already entered it, just enter the 3-digit CVV code on the back of the card to be able to pay

After entering complete information, select PROCEED to top up

Instructions on how to top up IC Markets via Visa/Master card

Fund Now by Credit / Debit Card

For Credit/Debit Card top-up, you need to verify your card with ICMarkets before making a deposit.

First (Step 1) you also access Deposit and select Fund now by Credit/Debit card, then click on Add new credit/debit card.

Fund Now by Credit / Debit Card
Fund Now by Credit / Debit Card


Step 2: Upload a photo of the front of your debit/credit card according to the instructions:

Note: Before uploading your card image, you need to note:

The name of the card name is the same as the name of the IC Markets account holder. (Do not borrow other people’s cards)

Take a photo, note that only the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the number series are embossed on the front of the card (the remaining digits you should cover before uploading).

The card is still valid.

Step 3: proceed to choose a card and top up according to the instructions as shown

Double-check the information before clicking Proceed.

Fund now by Credit/Debit card: Select the new card Add in step 2.Name on Card: cardholder’s name (printed on the front of the card) Capitalized without accents.

Card Number: The number of the card on the front.

Expiry Date: card expiration date.

CVV: Last 3 digits on the back of the card. (visa card security code).

Trading Account: Select the account you want to deposit money into via visa card.

Gross Deposit Amount: The amount (USD) you want to deposit, the banking system will deduct the corresponding Vietnamese amount in your card.

Click Proceed to proceed with the deposit.

Money will be deposited in your account almost immediately, you can start trading and make a profit from forex right after.

Instructions on how to top up IC Markets via PayPal

Fund Now by PayPal

With the form of payment by PayPal is quite easy to do, you just need to enter the deposit amount and then select PayPal Checkout.

Next, a login screen to the Paypal website will appear, you just need to log in and verify the transaction to be able to deposit money into ICMarkets.

Instructions on how to top up IC Markets via Neteller

Fund Now using Neteller

Neteller e-wallet is the most used wallet by traders when trading Forex and Binary options because of its high security and no worries about being detained by banks and forced to prove the source of money when withdrawing profits from Forex or Bo. , especially when you withdraw large amounts of interest.

When you choose Fund Now Using Neteller, the following window will appear

To deposit with Neteller, you can fill in the following information:

Neteller Account ID: your Neteller account number

Secure ID or Authentication Code: Is your Neteller account secure code

Trading Account: the trading account you will deposit money into

Gross Deposit Amount: The amount you will deposit

After completing the information, select PROCEED

If you fill in the above information correctly, your account will be loaded almost immediately, you can conduct forex trading and make profits immediately.
Instructions on how to Deposit IC Markets via Skrill

Fund Now using Skrill

When you select Fund Now using Skrill, the following window will appear:

With Skrill depositing is quite simple when you just enter the amount you need to deposit then select PROCEED.

Next a Skrill login window will take place, you just need to log in and confirm the payment.

If you do not have an ICMarkets account, you can register now or see the instructions for opening an ICMarkets account

Instructions for withdrawing money from ICMarkets

Deposits and withdrawals with ICMarkets are quite similar. Instead of selecting Transfer->Deposit to deposit money, now you just need to select Transfer->Withdraw funds to withdraw money.

Every step, you just need to enter the information as I instructed in the deposit section.

To give you a better idea, I will give an example below:

First you select the Transfer->Withdraw item.

Next you choose the method of withdrawal.

When withdrawing money from ic markets, there are a number of notes as follows, which method will be preferred to withdraw by that method.

All operations here you do the same as when depositing money into the account. You just need to fill in the information and make a withdrawal.

Withdraw money from IC Markets to local ATMs (internet Banking)

Step 1: To be able to withdraw money from Internet Banking, you first need to upload a Bank Statement/Bank Account Verification containing your name and bank account number used to deposit funds. you access your account area to upload.

Step 2: Fill in your bank account information in the withdrawal details page under Vietnamese Internet Banking Details section. Please note that the bank account information you provide must match the document you have uploaded.

Step 3: You make a withdrawal order under Vietnamese Internet Banking at the Withdrawal page. Once approved on the account, please wait 1 to 6 hours for the money to arrive in your bank account.

For withdrawal problems at Ic markets you can contact Live chat 24/7 or Support at email support@icmarkets.com.au

Withdraw Ic markets to Debit/Credit card

You can only withdraw the original deposit amount, and the winnings must be withdrawn via International Transfer. Waiting time for withdrawal via International Transfer is 3-5 working days normally. Transaction fees of banks in Vietnam range from 2-3%/transaction.

If withdrawing money late at night in Vietnam, the next morning the withdrawal order will be approved very quickly, after 2 days, the money will be available. After 8 am in Vietnam, the withdrawal order must wait for the next day to be approved. So you need to be careful!

Withdraw money from Ic markets via Wire TransferIf the account exists more than 60 days from the date of first deposit by card, both principal and interest will be withdrawn. If the deposit amount is less than 60 days, you can only withdraw to the Debit/Credit card the amount you initially deposited (Principal Withdrawal), the remaining balance will be withdrawn via Wire Transfer.Waiting time for money via Wire Transfer is 3-5 working days normally. Transaction fees of banks in Vietnam range from 2-3%/transaction.

Withdraw money from Ic markets via E-Wallet

Waiting time for money to e-wallet is within 24 hours from the time the exchange accepts your withdrawal request.

The transaction fee for withdrawing from wallet to bank in Vietnam ranges from 2-3%/transaction, but you should withdraw to your wallet and then sell it to those who need to buy Neteller/Skrill for fast and low fees.

To withdraw money from IC Markets to your e-wallet, you need to deposit at least 1$ from your wallet into IC Markets so that the exchange has stored information before withdrawing as much as you want.

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