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Exness Floor Review

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Exness floor reviews all say that this is the most trusted “National” forex broker brand today, what changes does this broker have?

Forex trading is no longer a strange concept to Vietnamese people. Just a few years ago, the concept of forex or virtual currency probably made many people doubtful. However, at the moment, these are all investment channels with the best profitability with the fastest speed. Therefore, many young investors also began to learn to join the forex market. Today, we will find out with you in detail the latest Exness floor evaluation information in 2021. These are all the latest Exness review summaries, bringing the most updated and current information.

Exness – National broker portrait

Referring to forex, surely the first broker brand mentioned will be Exness. That said, in the minds of millions of forex investors, Exness is the “national” brand. This broker does not possess too many outstanding advantages. Everything at Exness just stops at just enough to satisfy customers.

However, it is the development strategy that is specific and suitable for Asians that has made this broker one of the most popular names today. It can be said that Exness is an extremely knowledgeable broker who understands the psychology of traders, understands what their customers need and wants, and provides exactly what they need and want. Therefore, each period, Exness has maintained its top position in the ranking of the best forex brokers today.(Read more : Guide to depositing from Exness forex)

The ranking of the best forex brokers today
The ranking of the best forex brokers today

Exness was established in 2008 in Russia. Established Exness is a group of experts in information technology as well as in the financial sector. After a period of branding, Exness has moved its headquarters from Russia to Europe and this is the milestone that has made this broker achieve breakthrough growth. According to the statistics of the end of 2019, Exness is the largest retail forex broker in the world. Each month, this broker records more than 325.8 billion USD in transactions, serves more than 73,000 brokers globally, localizes 15 languages ​​and has offices in dozens of countries around the world.

Exness also developed many subsidiaries to support operations as well as encroach on other financial investment fields. This includes securities companies.(Read more : Exness exchange)

Some background information about Exness:

  • Established year: 2008.
  • Established address: St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Current headquarters: PORTO BELLO Building, Cyprus.
  • Minimum deposit: 1 USD
  • Maximum leverage: Infinity.
  • Software: MT4, MT5.
  • Have Copy Trade

Assess the reputation of Exness

With only the above preliminary information, we can see that Exness is a reputable and reputable forex broker. The participation of investors as well as the huge trading volume is a clear demonstration of the attraction of this broker.

However, evaluating Exness or any forex broker, traders are not only interested in trading volume. New licenses are the most important factor to help traders have the highest peace of mind. Because when you deposit to trade, the broker keeps your money. Whether they take over, or make it difficult for you to withdraw money will largely depend on which agency they are managed by and how they operate under that agency’s sanctions.(Read more : exness broker)

Assess the reputation of Exness
Assess the reputation of Exness

Exness received operating licenses from two of the world’s leading financial regulators, FCA – UK and CySEC – Cyprus. These are two large organizations to ensure that Exness’s activities are transparent, legal, and maximize the interests of investors.

Along with that, Exness also received licenses from a series of regulatory organizations from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain. To operate in these markets, Exness is required to obtain a license from domestic financial regulators. With that said, the assertion of the legality as well as the prestige of Exness is completely grounded.

The prestige of Exness is completely grounded.
The prestige of Exness is completely grounded.

One more thing to confirm the credibility and safety of Exness is that the financial reports are regularly posted on the company’s website. These reports are made by Deloitte – One of the top 4 auditing firms in the world. Therefore, the information is the most authentic, honest and complete.

Review of Exness floor 2021

The trading accounts Exness offers

Previously, Exness had 4 accounts. However, in order for traders to be more convenient in the process of trading with MT4, MT5, Exness has edited and provided 2 new account types called standard account and professional account.(Read more : professional trader)

For traders using MT4 software: There are 2 standard accounts including Standard and Standard Cent and 3 professional accounts including Raw Spread, Pro, Zero.

For traders using MT5 software: There is 1 standard account and 3 professional accounts including Raw Spread, Pro, Zero.

The trading accounts Exness offers
The trading accounts Exness offers

The standard account is an account designed to meet the basic needs of a beginner trader. This type of account can be used to test the exchange and make trades at the beginning. With this account, traders only need a minimum deposit of 1 USD, infinite leverage if using standard account in MT4 and maximum leverage limit 1:2000 if using standard account in MT5.

In contrast, the professional account is for traders who have a lot of trading experience and have a long trading time. This account requires a minimum deposit of up to 200 USD. In addition, each professional account will also have different rules and you can choose 1 of 3 accounts to trade:

Raw Spread Account

  • Minimum deposit: 200 USD.
  • Maximum leverage: 1:2000 for accounts opened in MT5, Infinity for accounts opened in MT4.
  • Commission: 7 USD/ Lot 2 way.
  • Spread: From 0.0 pips.

Pro Account

  • Instant order execution.
  • Minimum deposit: 200 USD.Max
  • imum leverage: 1:2000 for accounts opened in MT5, Infinity for accounts opened in MT4.
  • Rose: No.
  • Spread: From 0.1 pips.

Zero Account

  • Enjoy zero spreads on 30 currency pairs, 95% of the trading day.
  • Minimum deposit: 200 USD.
  • Maximum leverage: 1:2000 for accounts opened in MT5, Infinity for accounts opened in MT4.
  • Commission: 7 USD/Lot 2 way, there is difference between trading products.
  • Spread: From 0.0 pips.
  • Maximum leverage: 1:2000 for accounts opened in MT5, Infinity for accounts opened in MT4.
  • Commission: 7 USD/ Lot 2 way.
  • Spread: From 0 pips.

Basically, these 3 pro accounts differ only in commissions and spreads. Depending on each investment goal, traders can choose for themselves one of the three account types mentioned above. With the specific characteristics of each account, it can be seen that Exness can meet nearly all needs of traders, suitable for each person’s different trading plan.

Trading products

With that said, Exness isn’t so epic about everything. The product that this broker offers is also not too much, but enough for all trading needs. You can choose from one of the following trading products:

  • Currencies: 107 currency pairs. Including 7 major currency pairs, 25 minor currency pairs and 75 rare currency pairs.
  • Stats: 10 stats.Stocks: 30 codes, including stocks of the world’s leading corporations and businesses today.
  • Energy: 2 codes.
  • Cryptocurrencies: 7 pairs.
  • Coins: 10 codes, there are 4 main types: gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

The Exness review has a not too diverse number of products. However, this broker knows how to please customers when offering a series of great incentives. Especially cryptocurrency cryptocurrency. It can be said that every forex broker offers cryptocurrency products, but Exness is the broker that supports trading this product the best.

Trading products
Trading products

Along with that, Exness also implemented superstar leverage for cryptocurrencies. Typically the 1:100 level for Bitcoin. Leverage for cryptocurrencies at other forex brokers is common at 1:5. With this leverage, Bitcoin trading at Exness is on par with crypto exchanges like Bitmex. What’s more, Exness applies a swap-free policy for crypto trading customers.

The swap-free policy is supported by many traders. Cryptocurrencies are among the most volatile financial products. In many cases, it can go sideways for several dozen days, even months. Therefore, this policy will help electronic investors save a lot of transaction fees.


Leverage is also one of the outstanding advantages of Exness. This broker offers traders the ideal choice with super high leverage. With the MT4 platform, the leverage will be infinity. With MT5 software, the maximum specified is 1:2000.

Attractive leverage is one of the top criteria to attract traders to trade.

However, you should note that not all products have infinite leverage. Different types of trading products will have different leverage levels. As a rule, if the deposit amount is less than 1000 USD, you will be entitled to infinity. However, if your amount is between 1000 – 2999 USD then you will enjoy 1:2000 leverage. In fact, if you deposit from 3000 – 9999, the leverage will be 1:1000.

That is, the higher the deposit, the lower the leverage and vice versa. This helps limit risks for investors. In addition, there is one more thing that specific individual products also have different leverage levels:

  • Stats: 1:100.
  • Stocks: 1:20.
  • Cryptocurrencies: 1:100 and 1:20 depending on the currency pair.

In addition, if investors trade at the time of news, the leverage will also be limited to a maximum of 1:200. In general, leverage will be flexible but compared to other brokers, it is clear that Exness still has a very clear upper hand.

Commissions and spreads

Commissions are free on most accounts. Exness only collects commission on Zero and Raw accounts. Commission is charged at least 7 USD and Raw account, this level is fixed, Zero account will fluctuate on each trading product.

In terms of spreads, it can be said that Exness offers its clients extremely comfortable spreads. With the Zero account, you will enjoy zero spreads in 30 different products during 95% of your trading time. Other accounts also have record low spreads from just 0.1 pips. Hardly any forex broker can do this like Exness. If you want to evaluate the Exness floor about these two factors, then on the market today this Broker can be classified as a 5-star standard!

Exness trading platforms support clients

Exness does not build and develop proprietary platforms, but uses two popular trading platforms, MT4 and MT5. On the contrary, these two platforms are meticulously refined to achieve the best features.

Especially the privacy policy. If any unusual signs are detected, Exness will quickly lock the user’s account until specific verification information is obtained. If you are new to trading, you may feel uncomfortable because of this. However, in a time when the internet and high-tech crime are booming like today, this is the highest safety measure for users’ accounts.

If you choose to trade stocks, you should open an account on the MT5 platform as MT4 does not support trading this product. Exness focuses on developing and optimizing the features of these two software, giving traders a wide range of tools and indicators to analyze the market.

Along with that, Exness also focuses on developing a mobile trading application so that investors can conveniently trade anytime, anywhere. Beautiful interface, simple to use and run quite smoothly, highly appreciated by many traders.

In addition, the platform on the website is also very convenient to use. You can trade on the web in any browser and operating system. That means you do not need to download software to your computer and still ensure all transactions are performed. However, you should note that this platform only supports MT4. In the near future, we hope to improve both MT5 so that investors are most convenient in all transactions in all different conditions.

Another special point is that Exness has Copy Trader software. This software allows investors to copy trades from experienced traders in the market. This is a particularly useful service for new traders who do not have much experience in investing. Through copying orders, you can both earn a safe profit and learn investment trading strategies, thereby strengthening your knowledge and background.

What is the optimal form of deposit and withdrawal at Exness?

Summarizing information about the Exness exchange is indispensable for information on deposit and withdrawal policies. Unlike other brokers that only deploy deposits and withdrawals on 5 trading days, Exness allows you to trade 24/7. Even on holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, you can make your transactions and in just 3-5 minutes, all transactions are completed.

This is possibly one of the biggest takeaways from Exness. To date, no forex broker has surpassed Exness on this point. For this reason, the information about Exness review all give super positive reviews, showing that Exness is really a “national” broker.

Exness supports all transactions completely automatically, you can deposit and withdraw through many channels:

  • Skrill.
  • Money.
  • Visa.
  • Neteller.
  • Internet Banking.

All deposit and withdrawal transactions are done fast, up to only 5 minutes and completely free of fees. In addition, as soon as you register for an account, Exness can immediately allow you to deposit and trade without verifying your identity or address. The condition is that the transaction amount cannot be more than 2000 USD.

Super fast deposit and withdrawal with many different forms
Super fast deposit and withdrawal with many different forms

However, you should note that within the following 45 days, you will need to verify your identity and address. Otherwise, you will be withdrawn to the exact amount you deposited (Winns will not be withdrawn). Moreover, past this time limit, your account will also be locked. Anyway, 45 days is too long a period, traders can comfortably test the floor. If you find it suitable, you can verify it and become an official member. Otherwise, you can also withdraw your money without any hitch.

Rate Exness through customer service

Exness has both a marketing team as well as an epic Fanpage for the Vietnamese market. So you do not need to worry too much about the customer care services of this broker. Moreover, the technical support team is also extremely good. You can email or chat live 24/5. At any time, you are supported with the most enthusiasm and professionalism.

Summary of Exness assessment through advantages and disadvantages


  • Low minimum deposit.
  • Simple registration procedure.
  • Super fast withdrawal.
  • Can deposit and withdraw both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Super good spreads.
  • Professional, friendly and fast Vietnamese support team


When market news affects, spreads still widen.

Standard Cent accounts are subject to occasional requotes.


At this point, you certainly know why Exness has become one of the most popular forex brokers today. A series of reviews about Exness reviews have very positive feedback about this broker. Therefore, Exness will definitely be a safe and reliable trading address for young investors to engage and find their place.

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