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Exness broker, Guide to depositing and withdrawing money from Exness forex account fastest


Instructions for depositing money in Exness

After logging into the account to Exness. At the main screen, select the Deposit box on the left side of the screen.

Currently Exness is supporting deposit methods such as: Visa card, Internet banking, Ngan Luong, Neteller, Skrill.

To be able to top up, you need to click on the form you want to deposit. (Guide to depositing from Exness forex)

standard accounts
standard accounts

Instructions to depend 30s direcrly from internet banking Vietnam Bank With Exness

Log in to your Exness profile and select Deposit. Choose to pay directly in VND. Fill out the submission form.

Exness converts the amount of VND you will pay into USD. You click confirm to call the Bank to transfer money.

Select Payment confirmation you will move to the next step, choose a bank to deposit, there are most popular banks.

For example, choose VCB bank to top up:

Choosing VCB means that Exness will call VCB to pay the amount you just reported. You will log in to VCB’s Internet banking to pay.

After logging in to VCB, you choose the number of accounts you will pay if you have many accounts in VCB, otherwise just press Confirm by default.(Read more : Exness exchange)

Finally enter OPT to complete the payment. Fxpro will credit you very quickly.

After the money is in Exness, you can easily transfer between internal accounts


Fund your Forex Exness account via Visa Card

For the form of top-up by Visa card, after clicking on a box, the information will appear:

Click Continue to continue. You need to enter the CVV code (3 digits on the back of the card). Or if you haven’t added it yet, you can choose to add a new card

When adding a new card, you need to fill in all information including: Card number, expiration time, CVV/CVC and cardholder’s name. Once completed, select Continue to proceed with the payment. You can also add a new card to top up

As shown above, you must fill in information such as: Card number, expiration month/year, CVV/CVC code and cardholder’s name to top up. Note: The cardholder’s name must be the same as the account holder’s name registered with Exness.(Read more : exness broker)

Deposit to Forex Exness account via Ngan Luong

For Ngan Luong payment gateway as a payment intermediary, it gives you more deposit options.

Similar to Internet banking, after entering Account number, currency, and deposit amount, you choose Next. Next, a payment confirmation window will appear.
Confirm when Confirming payment, the payment window at Ngan Luong will appear. You choose a payment method and then enter the required information to top up Exness.

Fund your Forex Exness account via Skrill

With the Skrill form, you need to have an account with Skrill first, if there is enough money in your Skrill account to trade, your payment confirmation will take place very quickly.(Read more : Exness Floor Review)

Just login and pay the amount. If not, you need an extra step to recharge via this port.

Similar to other forms, you enter the necessary information and select Next. In the next box you need to enter your Skrill account email. Then select Continue

Then confirm payment

At the next window you need to login and confirm payment with Skrill.

It usually takes only a few minutes after confirmation of the money going to your Exness account.

Fund your Forex Exness account via Skrill
Fund your Forex Exness account via Skrill

Instrustructions for direct withdrawal from internet banking vietnam bank with exness

Log in to your Exness account Select Withdrawal —> Transfer within Vietnam:

You fill out the form to receive money, it will be delivered within working days – usually very quickly, about 15 minutes.

Withdrawing and depositing from Exness are two quite similar jobs. First you need to select the item Withdrawal on the menu bar on the left

Instrustructions for direct withdrawal from esness by visa card

After choosing the withdrawal method, you need to choose the account you will withdraw the money from, as well as the currency you will withdraw. Then select Next.(Read more : copy trading)

After filling in all the information, you choose to continue to top up your account.

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